Asinan Bogor

Asinan is a pickled vegetable or fruit dish, commonly found in Indonesia. The term asin is Indonesian word for "salty", which refers to the process of preserving the ingredients by soaking them in a solution of salty water. Asinan Bogor is the pickled tropical fruits of Bogor city, West Java.

Additional info

Difficulty level:
5 - 8
Preparation time:
35 minutes
Cooking time:
10 minutes


1 mango
1/4 pineapple
1-2 kohlrabis (original: yam beans (or jícamas or Mexican yams or Mexican turnips))
150-200 grams of soybean sprouts
100-150 grams of white cabbage
3 tablespoons of peanut
red chili peppers, at will
1 tablespoon of dried shrimp
5 grams of shrimp paste
1-2 teaspoons of salt
40-50 grams of sugar
1 lemon (original: distilled vinegar)
300-400 milliliters of water
3-4 tablespoons of cooking oil

Prepare the ingredients.



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